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Experienced A Problem?

Please kindly report the problem MalakatPay-related. Here are the steps:

1. Please visit this link 

2. Or, you can click the “Contact Support” button on the homepage of MalakatPay

1 contactsupport homepage.png

3. Choose the type of problems that you experienced

2 jira first page.png

4. Fill all the necessary information about the problem that you experienced, after that, click the send button.

3 jira second page.png

5. The support ticket has been created, you will be notified by email once the MalakatPay’s support team responded to your inquiries.

6. If you need to respond to the reply of the MalakatPay’s support, you can just directly reply to the email without any predetermined formatting. You can also attach a picture(s) if necessary.

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