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FPX transaction starts with RM 1.00

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway that delivers the best rate of success. Offer your customers a smooth checkout experience when they're dealing with you.


Easy to pay

Payment method for your customers

Let your customers pick from a range of payments method, anytime and any time.


Local Bank

FPX transaction starts with RM 1.00

Credit card rate 2.5% per transaction

Credit card annual fees of RM450/yearly

CIMB Credit Card **** 5740


*Credit card powered by

CIMB Credit Card **** 5740


What we offer

A system build to manage the end of payments

MalakatPay offers all these features under one system to give a better experience when you are dealing with your customers!

CEO Dashboard

CEO Dashboard allows you to

monitor monthly sales

view transaction details

generate reports, & more.

Quick Pay

MalakatPay offers all these features under one system to give a better experience when you are dealing with your customers!

Direct Pay

No more hassle to fill out during checkout! With DirectPay, your customer only needs to

click the payment link

fill in details

make payment

Get Built-In Payment Gateway

Integrate MalakatPay with your websites, system, or even an app! And wait, you don't have any platform?
No worries, we offer you QuickPay and DirectPay for a better experience when your customers are making a payment.

Sell Without A Website

We offer you the best way to sell without using any website or system! Allows your customer to pay with only 3 steps.

No more hassle during the payment!

Preferred for:


E-Commerce Platform

In a few minutes, set up your online store with an automated payment gateway. Collect fees from customers across the globe.

Preferred for:


Fundraising, Crowdfunding

Start the fund project with MalakatPay. Raise your capital through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and individual investors.

Preferred for


Donation Platform

Forgot or difficult to make a donation? We provide you with the best solution for your customer to donate every day, week, or month!

Preferred for:


Collect Fees

Sit back, relax and receive the payment without the need to chase or remind your customers over and over again! As simple as that!

Preferred for:

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QR Code

Allows your customer to make a payment during the shopping without any registration in a few clicks!

No cash? No problem. Go cashless!

Preferred for:

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