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Split Settlement

MalakatPay empowers dropship businesses to manage settlement for each order to multiple agents. Profits can be conveniently shared with the agent. The easy way to start a dropship company or system agent!


Start With MalakatPay

Let your seller receive the settlement right away after they sell your products using your payment form! As easy as that!


Built For Dropship

Create and share the product form with your seller. Then your seller can extend your sales to its network. When a product is sold, the settlement process is immediately divided into two parts.


Manage On CEO Dashboard

Monitor all your sellers' purchase orders in one place. You can check on the seller's results at any time. Keep an eye on your agent.


Product Shipment

Product shipment can be easily handled with one system even though you have more than 50 agents! Get notified every time, an order was placed, don't miss out ever again.



Split the settlement automatically with your dropshippers when your seller sells the products using your payment form.


System Agent

Receive the settlement with an agreed percentage between the merchant and agent. Receive settlement with no hassle.



Suitable for any type of business that requires profit-sharing for instance traded companies to allocate of shares to employees.


Split The Settlement Efficiently!

Let your seller receive the settlement right away after they sell your products using your payment form! As easy as that!

Integrate MalakatPay With Your System

Send the payment form according to your seller ID!

1. Our open API is ready to integrate with your system.

2. Manage your business effectively and monitor seller performance, order, and transaction history under one system.

3. MalakatPay will make payments to multiple sellers listed under you. Automatically split the settlement according to the percentage agreed by both sides.


Get Notified When Seller Sell Your Products

When a payment is successfully made, you will receive an email notification. Alternatively, you can verify their payment status by logging into your dashboard. No more waiting for the payment and no more fraud either!


Creates A Payment Form

Create your product payment form with your seller ID.


Share Payment Form With Seller

Seller will sell your product using your payment form.


Collection Will Be Split Automatically

MalakatPay directly split your settlement based on the percentage set by the merchant for the agent.

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