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Service Provider

Tokenization allows the merchant to charge the credit card of the customer without having to enter the details of the credit card at any time.


Fills Card Details

The customer enters their card details into the payment form.


Created Token

In the payment gateway’s API, a token is created and sent to the token server.


Authentication Response

The authenticated response is returned and a token is sent to a merchant’s system.

No More Hassle When Checkout!

Tokenization is a process of substituting tokens with random character strings. Tokens are used to represent cardholder information, such as a 16-digit card number or bank account details during the payment process, so that data is passed through a payment gateway without the details of the card is disclosed.


Securely Process Payment

The merchant can securely process payments with a token that represents the cardholder’s data.


Service Provider

Minimizes the risk of disclosure of sensitive data when your customers subscribe to the plan of your services.


Monthly Subscription

Let your customers occasionally fund your campaign without worrying that their card data is being exposed.



Charges the school fees securely with payment tokenization when handing out the payment form to your customer.


Benefits Of Tokenization!

Let your seller receive the settlement right away after they sell your products using your payment form! As easy as that!

Integrate MalakatPay With Your System

There are a number of ways merchants can benefit from BIN Protection.

1. Tokenization greatly minimizes the risk of disclosure of sensitive data and increased security as the fraudster will not be able to link the token to the credit card information stored as a token.

2. Cost savings related to meeting PCI compliance regulations and their customers’ data can be managed securely.

3. Improve customers' experience, so that they can be recharged without exposing the original card information during checkout. As tokens can be used in subscriptions, this enables merchants to provide a smooth payment flow and a much better user experience.


Limit Your Customer

Hadkan pelanggan anda sama ada tempatan atau antarabangsa. Untuk mengelakkan penipuan kad kredit daripada berlaku, peniaga boleh mengehadkan untuk menerima transaksi daripada jenis kad tertentu sahaja.

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